3 Tips for Packing a Self Storage Unit

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Posted on Sep 09, 2016

Most people end up using a self-storage unit at least one time during their life for some reason or another. Whether it is a move, storing things that just don’t fit into your home, or storing recreational vehicles, there are plenty of reasons why people need a reliable storage unit. But once you find a unit near you that offers competitive rates you need a plan of attack. Here are three tips to keep in mind when packing your storage unit.3 Tips for Loading a Self Storage Unit

  1. Splurge for uniform sized boxes. It might seem silly to purchase boxes when you can round them up at retailers for free. But if you do that, you end up with a storage unit full of boxes of all different sizes. This can be obnoxious for stacking, an inefficient use of space, and also unsafe if you are going to be trying to access a box in the middle of your Leaning Tower of Boxes.
  2. Leave aisles for yourself. If you are using this unit for any length of time and might need to be getting in and out of it, leave aisles for yourself. You don’t want to unload your whole unit and reload it every time you need to get something out of it.
  3. Label boxes clearly. Make sure you label boxes specifically and on multiples sides so you can determine the contents from whatever side of the box ends up facing out when you load the unit. Don’t just write, “bedroom.” Instead try, “master bedroom: sheets, picture frames, decorations.”

Hopefully, these tips help you when you pack your storage unit. To start renting a storage unit at SqueezePenny Storage in McKinney, Texas, contact us today.